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One day in the mid-1990s my sister and I decided to start researching our family history. Little did we know at the time that our search for family records would lead us both to enjoy an avocation that has brought us a considerable amount of knowledge and entertainment. Not knowing where exactly to begin, we compiled the few records we had for our parents, such as their birth and marriage records, and wrote up a list of what facts and stories we had for our parents and their siblings (not very much) and our grandparents (even less). A few years later we started tackling our husband's family histories. Then started helping a few friends out with theirs.

We are always amazed at how much more we continue to find, not only about our own ancestors, but also about their extended families, friends and neighbors. We love sharing our family histories and genealogical research and hope you visit our site often to see what new tidbits of information we have posted. Recently we revamped this website so that the Family Histories are separate from miscellaneous records we have found on each surname that we want to share with other researchers. We keep adding more as time allows.

We're particularly pleased to be co-writing a family history blog on Word Press. Genealogy Sisters also has a Facebook page where we share more old photographs and memories of by-gone days, as well as the random bit of genealogical research news and links to interesting blogs and websites. NEW! Genealogy Sisters has a Pinterest page!






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Carter, Doran, Hall, Little, Mahoney, Pearson, Rafferty, Tierney, McVeigh

Mirota, Olszewski, Szczerba, Tabisz, Wasik

Barnes, Rose,

Albert, Eisenberger, Lockard, Stewart,

Barrett, Dakin, Fettie, Fountain, Heal, Horn, Smith, Taylor, VanPelt,

Olson, Westbo, Solberg, Satelin, Larson.


USA: Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, District of Columbia

Europe: Northern Ireland, Free Republic of Ireland, Poland, England, Norway, Sweden, France, Scotland